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Provide pets the best care while their companion is away. We will do this by providing compassionate attention and gentle treatment to all animals by a staff that is well-trained, competent and caring.



At INN the Dog House 2 , We offer overnight boarding 365 days a year and our staff is on-site 24 hours a day to provide the best supervision and pet care possible (Due to Covid-19, some changes were made to this policy, call for more information).

We offer loving care, a clean environment and fun for your companion while you are away. INN the Dog House 2 is a safe and affordable option while you are traveling.

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Cage-less boarding coming in 2022



Here at INN the Dog House 2  we are passionate about grooming pets with tenderness and care. We want to ensure that your pet is as comfortable with us during their spa day as you would be at yours! We proudly offer many services for your pet, including quick bath, full grooming, style clippings, facials, color dye and more!

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By nature, dogs are social animals. Not only do they enjoy the company of other dogs, they seem to have boundless energy. When left alone all day, some dogs become anxious, mischievous or destructive.

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Of course INN the Dog House 2  would not forget our feline friends! We offer boarding while you are away and a variety of grooming options.

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