Have you ever wondered why your dog sometimes takes an hour to groom and sometimes three?

  • Feeling pressure from clients and front desk staff to get the dog out as quick as possible can really be overwhelming sometimes for groomers, keeping to a time table is not always easy. Why?
    • Often people forget we are using sharp tools around very sensitive areas
    • Dogs are not like humans and do not sit still, look up, look down or stop moving when we have scissors around their face, feet or body.
    • Dogs, pee, poop or gland when nervous or stressed and sometimes a bath needs to be re-done, so they are clean, this is another 40 minute process or more, be patient, we are!
    • Other dogs are in the same room and these little fur babies, want to chat, bark, play and jump, can you cut someone’s hair while they are jumping around?  This takes time and patience and we cannot always give an exact time while keeping your pup safe.
    • We always estimate 1.5 – 2 hours, but for all of the reasons above, it can be an hour or two longer, we simply do not know what mood your pup is going to be in when he/she visits us.
    • We are not always sure how other dogs in the rooms can react, as well.  Sometimes dogs just release a scent that others may find distracting and that can cause some havoc, as well.

All in all, we simply ask you to be patient with us, we are caring for someone you love as much as we do. Just like at the dentist, doctor or human salon, we cannot rush their work, because sometimes their tools can be just as dangerous!  However, their lucky enough, their patient understands their directions.